Gaggenau China Rendez-Vous – 嘉格纳海天盛筵2017

Gaggenau Event  2017 Linda

Gaggenau, as a top luxury kitchen brand, brings together domestic and international top stars, private chefs, bartenders, and Gaggenau users and agents to gather on the seashore of Sanya and Dalian each year to enjoy delicious live cooking food.
Loftooo provides the exhibition booth design and live event execution of each event. From the food selection, soft-decor, and all the activities, Loftooo vividly reflects the extravagance.
The concept of exhibition hall design: Combine the natural beach scenery, achieve the indoor and outdoor integration, combine the use of seaside, stone, and light, and integrate the product in the entire column-free design.
The exhibition hall is set up for a week outdoors, with no supporting columns in the middle, the roof is automatically drained, and the embedded air-conditioning is installed indoors. Compared with the previous canopy structure, it is more difficult and extravagant.


Loftooo提供每次的活动的展厅设计和现场event 执行,从美食搭配,软装布置,以及所有的活动表演,淋漓精致地体现了真奢。





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