Pepsi Concept Store 百事盖念店

Pepsi UTC Concept Store & POP-UP Store    Q3.2017  Only Zhu

Pepsi UTC(Under The Cap) POP-Store is a large-scale event in PepsiCo’s crossover collaboratin with fashion brands in the third quarter of 2017. Consumers obtain the hottest items at the moment by purchasing points exchanged at Pepsi’s online store. There are SANKUNZ’s bags and hats, PERCY LAU’s glasses, ALEXANDER WANG’s limited cans and cups,local famous limited sporty shoes, and the famous industrial designer JIMMY YANG’s bicycles and bags, including Peggy’s Italian designer GIMMY designed skateboards and other tidal products, and Loftooo is responsible for All cooperation negotiations, procurement and quality control, product shooting before launch, and design and now POP-UP store, after the implementation of the national line to achieve more than 40, the design and implementation of a perfect interpretation of the brand culture and attitude.

The concept of concept store design: The real players, they are often not limited to space unlimited ,areas unlimited ,national boundaries
Play out the most realistic ones. Every place they play will play their own show in every corner.

百事“盖念店”是百事2017年第三季度的一个和时尚潮品跨界合作的活动,消费者通过购买百事可乐,然后在百事的线上盖念店上通过积分兑换获得时下最火最潮的单品,有上官喆SANKUNZ的包和帽子,PERCY LAU的眼镜,ALEXANDER WANG的限量罐和杯子,回力的限量鞋,以及著名工业设计师杨明洁JIMMYYANG的自行车和箱包,包括百事意大利设计师GIMMY设计的滑板等潮品,Loftooo负责所有的合作规划和建议,谈判采购,质控及产品上线前拍摄,并设计POP-UP store, 全国线下执行达到40多家,设计和执行完美把品牌文化和态度诠释了出来。


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