CRH Exhibition 2014

For the second time Harvestsgroup won the project for the CRH (China Refrigeration Expo). This year the Expo was held in Beijing. The challenge for our team was to coordinate and execute the event on distance.

Horien Sunglasses

Horien is a sub-brand of Hydron, which was launched in 2009 with no branding process. It鈥檚 target audiences are tier 2 or 3 cities who were born after 1990s.

Siemens Campaign KV 瑗块棬瀛愬鐢佃瑙夊垱鎰

Siemens seldom sponsors the Youth Olympic Games. However, client wants to take use of this hot events. Since the Youth Olympic Games will be held in Nanjing, the client鈥檚 headquarters, so the creative agency was briefed to not necessary to use the elements of the Olympics directly but it is necessary to use sporty style creation to interpret the brand and transform the function of the product … …

2014 Would Cup Campaign

Pepsi is one of the biggest FCMG company worldwide. With coming 2014 Would Cup Campaign, Pepsi wants to hold a BTL event at the same time.