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About Us

We provide creative total solutions to clients around the world,
creating things that drive high attention and generate meaningful revenue growth .

Why Art?

Art can express the most elevated and progressive aesthetics, tendencies, and ideals to which human beings can aspire. It represents beauty, solace, talent, brilliance, genius, vision, and the materialization of hope, faith, and the courage of conviction. The artists has become the one who is doing long-term thinking about what is happening, and reflect back to us through works of art. With a vision to match brands with artists as a way to create unique marketing experiences, while helping up and coming artists connect with brands in a meaningful, mutually beneficial relationship, we launched this specialized practice in brokering deals between artists and brands. Today, there are already many successful examples of marriage between brands and art for the sake of marketing. As long as there has been a need to market products or services the art world has provided both ideas and credibility for many a well-known campaign. Selected approaches include: Commission artists to create work in accordance with marketing strategies.

Why Clients choose us?

Whether clients want to build their corporate image, launch a new product, refresh an existing product or appeal to a new target audience, we make sure everyone is on the same page. Loftooo have a defined process to pull out and document clients key messages and align them to the audiences. Once we define those we work to develop a comprehensive public relations strategy that gets those key messages heard in all the right places.

Every clients’ marketing campaign should complement and lead to one another. Better integration and optimization should lead to a stronger brand proposition, increased brand engagement and interaction and of course a better return on marketing investment.

At Loftooo the thing that drives us is getting to the right solution, so we don’t have a preference for a particular medium. Through our strategic ideas and tactic execution, we are contributing to the client more active and positive and brighter value and wealth.

ALexander Wang hit Shanghai PEPSI BLACK #敢黑 带感

Some Fun Facts about our agency?
$ 1940000
Average Annual Incoming Per Client
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9 Years
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Art Marketing

Latest Works

Pepsi × Alexander Wang 百事跨界亚力山大王

Pepsi and Loftooo initiated discussions on the UTC Promotion projects for year 2017  . Pepsi and Loftooo proposed to discuss the direction of brand and promotion upgrades, and proposed the concept of cooperation between Pepsi Black and Alexander Wang. … …

Gaggenau Events-Feast in the field麦田里的盛筵

Gaggenah will hold a private event in this wheat field in Shenzhen. He invited the Chinese cooking master and gourmet food designer Mr. Sun Zhaoguo to design and manage the product. With the precise control of the kitchen appliance of Jaganna, the theme of solar terms will present the beauty of the season.. …

Pepsi Concept Store 百事盖念店

Pepsi UTC POP-Store is a large-scale event in PepsiCo’s crossover collaboratin with fashion brands in the third quarter of 2017. Consumers obtain the hottest items at the moment by purchasing points exchanged at Pepsi’s online store…. …

Visa Mobile Conference移动数据大会

The design task of this event is to design a booth in a space of 70 square meters, stand out among many big brands, so that the opponent’s space of 200 square meters should not be too conspicuous! … …

Siemens Olympics Youth Campaign KV

Siemens seldom sponsors the Youth Olympic Games. However, client wants to take use of this hot events. Since the Youth Olympic Games will be held in Nanjing, the client’s headquarters, so the creative agency was briefed to not necessary to use the elements of the Olympics directly but it is necessary to use sporty style creation to interpret the brand and transform the function of the product … …